Meet my crew

Some say that it is easier to write about anyone but yourself. As I sit here starring at my computer trying to think of a few words for an ABOUT ME page to my new website, I completely agree! What better way to start my new blog than to talk about my crew. By this, I mean my 3 beautiful daughters!!

Rachel is my oldest and the most like me. She is picky and bossy and anxious (yep, just like me). She also loves to entertain, is charismatic, and loves to make a difference. She loves swimming, make believe, and thinks that even the smallest inanimate objects have feelings, even used band-aides. EWW! One of the best new developments is that she actually wanting to have her picture taken (YAY). All those years of training have finally paid off! Last year was an important birthday for her as she was turning 10. When her birthday finally rolled around, she began crying and refused to get any older. She told me that she didn't want to be 10 because she would never be single digits again. I guess she is right. It happened anyway. She is learning almost every day that even though she doesn't want something to happen, doesn't mean it won't. It's a hard lesson to learn, even for me.

Ashley is my bubbly girl who takes after her daddy. She is always trying to make you smile, willing to lend a hand, and can brighten any room. She is very sensitive and dreams of being a teacher. She is our deep thinker. Even at the young age of 7, she asked me what her purpose in life was. Her most recent question- How do mermaids poop? She can also find the positive in any situation. Last forth of July, she was enjoying a snow cone, when she was whacked in the face with a frisbee. As she picked up her half gone snow cone off the ground, she smiled through the colored ice on her face and said "Yay, it's easier to eat now!". She is also our "oopie daisy girl". She has probably fallen down our stairs a dozen times. She simply picks herself up and tells us she is okay. Just another bruise to add to the collection.

For years, I always said "everyone deserves an oops baby!". Well, I finally got what I deserved. Hailey is the baby I never knew I wanted and I can't imagine life without her! Shortly after returning from Kentucky and returning to my nursing career, I found out our family would be changing once again. She is my true southern girl, my Kentucky souvenir! She is fun, happy, hilarious, laid back, and always smiling. She is extremely active, loves to make messes, curious about everything, and absolutely loves to eat....anything!! I recently spotted her by our front door with grey liquid leaking out of her mouth. I rushed over to discover that she had scratched a piece of grout from between the tile loose and eaten it. Immediate rinsing of the mouth and scraping of the tongue followed of course. In her short 10 months of life, she has eaten a crayon, multiple tags, dog food any chance she gets, a barbie shoe, sheets of paper, tissues, tile grout, grass, dirt, beach sand, diaper cream, and of course lots and lots and lots of cat/dog hair.

These girls are my life. It's full of pink and purple, princesses, dress up, music, singing, hair bows, make up, make believe, barbies, dolls, high pitched shrills, emotional drama and tears, nail polish, chocolate, shopping, and crafts. It's my life, welcome to it.

(If anyone is wondering, I'll be saving a post dedicated to my husband for a later time. He is so awesome, he needs a post all to himself!)

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