When everything falls together but your toddler falls apart!

Hanging in my living room, I have this almost perfect image of my 3 beautiful and fun girls together. It was taken last minute (well sort of) in our backyard to celebrate the 4th of July. The lighting was spot on, the color palette rocked, and the smiles were full of personality.


Staring at this image each day, I had a brilliant idea. "Why don't I re-create this image every year using the basic same easy pose?!" So throughout the month of June, I collected RED, WHITE, and BLUE clothing for each girl and by the time I had at least 3 outfits for each girl, I found more at the store. OOPS!!!

Being a natural, outdoor, lover of sun photographer, I have to have SUN in the evening. Problem was, it had been cloudy every evening for days. Checking my weather app cloud radar every 5 minutes, I decided there was a high enough chance the sun would show it's beautiful face any moment. With the hopes of a more artistic flare to their 4th of July session, we set out for Grandma's farm.

Luck was on our side and the rays of sun came out just as we got there but I wasn't sure how long it would last. I ran as fast as I could to grab Grandma's stool which served two purposes: It was my youngest daughter, Hailey's favorite climbing tool and it was the perfect thing for her to stand on to match the previous years picture. Also, lucky for us, Hailey, love to hold her sister's hands, she loved being at grandmas house, and she loved to climb. It was perfect.....except....

It wasn't. That's right, she screamed, she cried, and she refused to be happy on that darn stool.

Plus, she didn't want to hold sisters' hand.

Or basically do ANYTHING but scream on that "perfect" stool!! Okay, plan B.... I tossed the stool....

NOPE! That didn't work either! Good grief.... Did I forget to mention that this is my "happy" girl? What about shoes, let's put on her shoes??!! Although she is most always barefoot, maybe she wanted her shoes?

Once her shoes were on, she decided her skirt looked to long and needed to be adjusted. This was the look I got when I tried to fix it.....And then this series of photographs happened that can only result in laughter...

Once she was satisfied with showing off her belly and sporting her new look, she managed to give me this:

Plan C was obviously in order. Well, let's start moving. Maybe walking will do the trick. Round and round they went. This is what I was able to capture from those crazy circles.

Wheew! Glad I was able to get something similar. I have to be honest with you all though, I actually love the unplanned ones more. Crazy isn't it? So, moral of the story? When life gives you toddlers, you get creative, get moving, and get all of those hilariously crazy in between shots that make you laugh.

More 4th of July pictures to come....

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